Kidney Disease and the Flu Shot


Should you have it? Can you have it?

Cold and Flu season is unavoidable! Every year the number of individuals affected rises and the death rates increase. The flu is a serious illness even for a healthy person, but what about a chronic kidney disease patient? The risks our patients face is much more serious and unique. With your bodies weakened state, it can make fighting off any unexpected illness even more challenging. The first step to a good offense is a good defense, right? That is why we recommend our chronic kidney patients consult with their care team about the importance of the flu shot. Here at Iowa Kidney Physicians, you can receive your flu shot during your visit. While the flu shot does not guarantee you will avoid the flu, it does greatly increase your odds.

Patients can receive the flu shot BEFORE flu season starts so that their immune system has time to build up antibodies. If you are a little behind the ball on getting your flu shot, there is still time. Once a year ask the question: Hey Doc, Can I get my flu shot?