Signs and Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Iowa Kidney Physicians is a group of skilled doctors who can provide multiple care methods to handle your kidney disease in Des Moines, IA. It’s important for you to track your potential symptoms before working with us to ensure you even have a problem to manage. These signs can vary heavily, so make sure you read through our list carefully to learn more.

You Feel Tired All The Time

As we age, it’s not uncommon to feel more tired than we used to and to struggle to have the same energy to tackle the day’s tasks. That said, a severe sense of fatigue, trouble concentrating, and weakness all indicate potential kidney problems. If your energy level suddenly drops and you can’t seem to get it back up, you need to contact us right away.

You Can’t Fall Asleep

Do you struggle to fall and stay asleep and simply can’t get the rest that you need every day? This problem may occur if your kidneys aren’t operating properly. Sleep apnea may also be triggered or worsened by people with chronic kidney issues. Talk with us at Iowa Kidney Physicians if you’ve tried other sleep solutions, and nothing seems to work.

Your Skin Feels Itchy and Dry

If your air quality is bad or it lacks the proper moisture, there’s a good chance that your skin might feel itchy and dry: that’s common. However, did you know that kidney problems might also cause dry skin? If not, you need to talk with us to gauge whether you have kidney disease in Des Moines, IA. Doing so can ensure that you get the support you need to recover.

Other Signs and Symptoms to Watch

While the symptoms above are the most common indicators of a kidney problem, they’re not the only thing you need to watch. In fact, there are far more issues that might affect you if your kidneys are struggling. For example, you might experience the following:

  • The need to frequently urinate more than usual
  • Blood or foam in your urine that won’t clear
  • Puffiness and swelling around your eyes
  • Swollen ankles and feet for no other reason
  • Lack of appetite that is causing you to lose weight
  • Sudden muscle cramps that won’t go away

Give Your Kidneys the Help They Need

At Iowa Kidney Physicians, our diverse range of doctors can give you the in-depth support that you want and deserve to ensure your kidneys are healthy. So, if you have kidney disease in Des Moines, IA, and want to work with an expert you can trust, call our Methodist Plaza location at (515) 336-6557 or Riverpoint at (515) 243-3161 to set an appointment.