Why Would You Need To See a Nephrologist?

At Iowa Kidney Physicians, our team can pair you up with a nephrologist in Des Moines, IA, who understands your needs. But when is the right time to call us? Well, it’s important to know exactly what we do and the ways that we can help you. In this way, you can get the high-quality treatment support that you need to be healthy and happy as a person.

What Do They Treat?

At Iowa Kidney Physicians, we focus on conditions that affect your kidneys and their complex system of operation. We can help you with multiple problems, including infections, failure, and chronic kidney disease that may affect you. Our team will diagnose what is happening with your help and provide the high-quality, hands-on support that you need to be healthy. 

Issues We Can Manage

If you’ve never been to a nephrologist in Des Moines, IA, that’s a good thing: it means your kidneys are working just fine. However, there are times when you might need to work with us to avoid any long-term health issues. Our team of professionals can treat a variety of conditions and ensure that you’re happy and healthy, including:

  • Blood in the urine
  • High protein or fat levels in your urine
  • Kidney stones (we may work with your urologist on this treatment)
  • Swollen kidneys caused by nephritis and other issues
  • Severe kidney cancer issues
  • Polycystic kidney disease and hemolytic uremia
  • Rental artery stenosis
  • Acute and chronic kidney failure
  • End-stage kidney disease

Our team can also help with kidney conditions related to heart disease, auto-immune diseases (lupus, AIDS, etc.), diabetes, high blood pressure, and even medication. With our support, you can diagnose what’s happening with your kidney and ensure that it operates effectively. It’s important to take care of this essential organ to ensure it's healthy.

When Should You Reach Out to Us?

Pay attention to serious kidney symptoms to ensure that you get the support that you need to stay healthy. Listen to your body and reach out to us at Iowa Kidney Physicians if you’re worried about your kidney operation. A few symptoms that you should watch include when:

  • You can’t pee or struggle to urinate
  • It hurts when you urinate
  • There’s a pain in your side near your kidney
  • You have a family history of kidney disease

Let Us Know How We Can Help

Do you think it’s time to work with Iowa Kidney Physicians? Do you think a nephrologist in Des Moines, IA, is what you need to feel better? Please call us today to set up an appointment. You can visit our Methodist Plaza office (515) 336-6557 or Riverpoint (515) 243-3161 to get treatment.