Acute Kidney Injury


Acute Kidney injury or AKI is a sudden incident of kidney failure that comes on quickly. Unlike Chronic Kidney disease and renal failure that happens over time, AKI is sudden and comes on in a few days or hours. Causes for AKI are restricted or decreased blood flow, sepsis, direct kidney damage, or a blockage. The treatment for AKI usually involves a hospital stay. Our nephrologists are on-call at many area hospitals. This will make it easy for us to access your care and treatment. AKI is a serious and potentially life-threatening situation and must be taken seriously. Acute kidney injury is most common in patients who are in the hospital, in intensive care units, and especially in older adults. Symptoms may include; too little urine leaving the body, swelling in legs, ankles, and around the eyes, fatigue, shortness of breath, confusion, nausea, seizures, chest pain or pressure. In some cases, no symptoms may be present therefore testing should be done by a healthcare provider. Finding and treating acute kidney injury is vital to your health. Please contact our office for guidance on when and where to see one of our providers should you suspect a problem.