What Are Electrolyte Disorders?

Treat your electrolyte disorders with the help of the physicians at Iowa Kidney Physicians in Des Moines, IA.

What Causes Electrolyte Disorders?

Electrolytes are always floating around inside the human body. We get electrolytes from the foods and drinks we consume and the human body also produces them regularly.

The electrolytes found in the human body include bicarbonate, calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphate, potassium, and sodium. They each have important roles to play in terms of regulating bodily functions so it’s important that they stay at normal levels.

Unfortunately, keeping the aforementioned electrolytes at their appropriate levels is not always easy.

The lifestyle you lead can affect your electrolyte levels. If you have poor eating or drinking habits, you can expect to experience issues related to electrolyte imbalances.

People who have serious ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease are also more susceptible to issues related to electrolytes. The medications you take can also affect your electrolyte levels.

Common symptoms of electrolyte imbalance include cramps, diarrhea, fatigue, headaches, and vomiting. In certain cases, the affected individual may also develop an irregular heartbeat. Check with your doctor if you are experiencing those symptoms.

Address your electrolyte disorders with the help of Iowa Kidney Physicians in Des Moines, IA.

How Are Electrolyte Disorders Treated?

Treatments for electrolyte disorders vary based on the specific electrolyte that is causing issues. Your doctor will also consider if your electrolyte levels are higher or lower than normal.

Many electrolyte disorders are treated with proper hydration. That is often the case if your electrolyte levels are too low. You may be told to consume certain drinks so you can replenish your electrolyte levels.

Patients may also be given IV fluids and medication so their electrolyte levels can return to normal. If your electrolyte disorder stems from kidney disease, your doctor may put you on dialysis.

You can prevent electrolyte imbalances by following a healthy diet and drinking water regularly. Don’t wait too long to drink especially if you’re exercising.

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