Transplant Patients

Are you a Transplant patient? Are you needing or having a Kidney transplant? Are you a potential Kidney Donor?

Here at Iowa Kidney Physicians we have 4 Fellowship trained transplant nephrologists. We are a part of the world class Iowa Methodist Transplant Center here in Des Moines. Our transplant trained nephrologists are responsible for coordinating patient care prior to and after a kidney transplant. We also provide long-term follow-up care after a transplant procedure is performed.

Our transplant nephrologists not only have a very specific knowledge of kidney functions, physiology and disease, but also of immunosuppressive drug therapy, side effects and complications relevant to kidney transplantation. Your care is carefully coordinated with the transplant center and all visits can be done both here and within the hospital itself. To learn more about the transplant center please visit their website here. To schedule a consultation, follow up, or for a living donor evaluation please call our office today.