What is a Procrit shot?


During your visit here at Iowa Kidney Physicians, it may be possible that your provider recommends a Procrit shot as part of your treatment. When your body produces less red blood cells you may be diagnosed with Anemia. Red blood cells makeup of the types of cells found in the blood stream. These cells deliver oxygen rich blood to your organs, through a protein called hemoglobin. Due to complications of Chronic Kidney disease or other medical abnormalities, your body may not be producing red blood cells, and your hemoglobin numbers may be low. To boost your red blood cell count or RBC’s, your care team may recommend a Procrit shot. This shot sends a signal to your bone marrow to start producing more red blood cells by mimicking erythropoietin (the red blood cell signal). To receive this treatment, you will have to fall under a series of guidelines and have regular lab visits. The amount and frequency of the injection will be determined by your nephrology care team.