Feeling a little puffy? When we retain fluid, specifically around our hands, legs, feet, and face, it can mean our bodies are trying to tell us something. Why does this happen? One cause is, too much sodium, or salt in our diets can be one reason. When we take in too much sodium our blood retains more fluid. The excess fluid is then dumped into surrounding tissues by our capillaries (small blood vessels) This extra fluid triggers our kidneys to retain even more fluid, making it difficult for our bodies to eliminate it.

Another cause of swelling (or edema) is called Nephrotic syndrome. This is when the kidneys release a protein called albumin into the urine. This specific protein regulates the amount of fluid in your blood stream, without albumin, your kidneys “think” they need to retain fluid, and sodium. This extra fluid makes its way into your tissues causing swelling.

Treatment for swelling depends on it cause. Medications can be prescribed, lifestyle changes recommended, etc. If swelling is left untreated I can be quite painful, as well as costly to the overall health of your kidneys. If you suspect you have swelling or have recurring swelling, please call our office and schedule an appointment today.