Should I have a Kidney Transplant?


Having a transplant isn’t a decision we can make in a split second. It takes months and even years to properly prepare for the transplant process. Some things to consider are the risks and benefits of a transplant, medications and their side effects, financial coverage and
your ability to continue follow-up care. Once you and your nephrologist have discussed these risk factors the evaluation process will begin.

Your care team will grow beyond that of our office to include social workers, imaging centers, additional physician evaluations, surgeons, and a hospital team. A thorough evaluation of your medical history, as well as additional imaging and testing will be needed to ensure your body will be able to handle the surgery as well as the recovery process. You will be evaluated medically, mentally, socially, physically and financially. These can be daunting tasks, but rest assured the process is meant to guide you and give you the best chances for success.

Recovery does not stop when you leave the hospital. You will be taking medications and have regular follow-up visits for years to monitor your body’s ability to function with your new kidney. Iowa Kidney Physicians will be there every step of the way!