Patient Portal – Medical records at your finger tips


Medical information is now more available than ever before. Most, if not all, of physicians you see utilize an electronical medical record system in their office. The hope is that someday this information can readily travel from office to office, state to state, and hospital to hospital, so that your medical history arrives before you ever step foot into the office. This information is vital to the proper diagnosis and treatment of your medical conditions. A large population of our patients have multiple providers they have seen over their lifetime. From pediatricians, primary care offices, surgeons, specialists, urgent care locations, imaging centers, laboratories, and hospitals it can be quite difficult to remember who has ever participated in your healthcare, and what they may have said or done during your visit. I for one have a hard time remembering what I had for lunch, let alone what a physician I saw a few months ago may have said. The age of the electronic record makes your information easier to send and receive so that each care provider you see can be prepared for your visit in advanced. Did you know that you can access your patient data as well? Here at Iowa Kidney Physicians we have web access and a patient portal that can keep your medical data readily available to you, at anytime you may need it.