Natural Disaster or Weather Emergency- What do I do?


When you are dependent on your medical team for physician visits, dialysis, and medications to sustain life. An emergency, natural disaster or any possible interruption to access should be planned for. First always look ahead. Ensuring that you have at least a 2 weeks supply of medication and food stores can help you if you are unable to leave your home. Make sure you have a copy of your mediation list, insurance cards, and medical conditions at home as well. Second, always have a backup location you can reach, if you are unable to visit your preferred hospital or dialysis center. Third, physician’s visits. If you suspect your office may be closed due to weather conditions and you are concerned about a medical health issue, please call the office and ask for the after-hours line. If your situation is emergent, the physician on-call will be paged. Your appointments can always be rescheduled even if you are unable to see your physician. We have a full team of nephrologists and nephrology trained advanced practioners who can make accommodations to the schedule to ensure there is no break in your care. Planning can help ease the stress and anxiety of an emergency. It is always important to remain calm and communicate your needs to those around you. The National Kidney Foundation has a great pamphlet of information about what to do in an emergency if you have chronic kidney disease. Please click the link here. If you have any further questions, please consider giving our office a call. We can schedule an appointment and your concerns can and will be address by one of our trained staff members.