Medication list, should I have a copy?


Yes, yes and YES! Your medication list can be the difference between a major medical complication and a long healthly life. The medications you have been prescribed, by any number of physicians, can have severe reactions to one another. It is very important that you keep and update your list at every visit. Here are tips on how to manage your medication list.

1: Use a medical portal online such as and keep your medications updated digitally.

2: Ask for a copy at every visit, after you have been prescribed new medications, to carry with you.

3: Create a list in the notes section of your smart-phone and update it with your physician or nurse at every visit.

4: You can keep a paper sheet that will need to be regularly updated.

5: Some pharmacies have online or internal profiles for individual patients and this information can be accessible both online and in person. When in doubt, ask for a copy from your preferred pharmacist.

If you are not sure what medications you are on, please contact your primary care provider or your nephrologist office and ask for an updated copy. This information is vital to your medical health. Do not forget to bring a copy to our office at each appointment, especially if you are a new patient or a hospital follow-up!