Med Students Welcome!!


Here at Iowa Kidney Physicians we have a unique opportunity to host rotations for medical students, who attend both the University of Iowa Carver Medical College and Des Moines University. Students will receive a diverse exposure to Nephrology both in the hospital and the clinic setting. We are so excited to participate in the shaping of young physicians and hope to offer opportunities to those students wishing to complete a rotation with us.

IKP participates in classroom education, noon lectures, and Grand Rounds at The Des Moines Area Medical Education Consortium at Unity Point Hospital. Teaching opportunities are a great way to give back to our community and with two medical colleges close by, we are honored to help physicians and future physicians grow their knowledge in Nephrology.

For our Patients. We want you to know that medical students need your help too! You have an incredible opportunity to be a part of their education process. Whether it is during a hospital visit or even a trip to the clinic, you are helping medical students learn about the vast health conditions that can be associated with the Kidneys. We want to be the first to thank you for helping us on our mission, and being a part of the learning process.