End Stage Kidney Disease, what you need to Know NOW!


End stage renal disease or kidney disease means you have lost 85-90% of your normal kidney function and that your kidneys can no longer keep you alive on their own. But this diagnosis is not the end. There are still more treatments available to you, and you need to know what they are and how to gain access to them. End stage renal failure is a very ominous phrase. If you are rereading that phrase over and over and you feel helpless now is the time to STOP! The end is not the end, in some cases it is the beginning. You have now entered a realm where dialysis and kidney transplants are treatments you can consider. Plenty of people live long healthy lives while on dialysis. While you will not be able to undo the damage to your kidneys, you can create an environment where life can thrive. Another option is a kidney transplant. If you are wondering whether you are a candidate, you can come to our office for a full transplant evaluation by one of our transplant trained nephrologists. Our staff will work with you to help you understand the transplant process. Whether you need a donor, or you have someone willing to donate, our staff will help you navigate the process. Transplant and dialysis are not without their own risks. The questions you may have may be endless but coming into our office is the first step and we are here to help. You may also visit for some of their great transplant resources.