10 signs of Kidney Infection


Your Body may be telling you something important and if you aren’t listening the results can be painful. Kidney Infections or pyelonephritis, can affect anyone at anytime and at any age but do tend to target women more readily than men. The infection starts in the bladder, usually as a UTI or Urinary Tract Infection. If left untreated or the conditions worsens the infection can travel and affect one or both kidneys. Know your signs, please check the list below. If you feel you may be suffering from a Kidney Infection, please call our office. An Emergent appointment may be necessary or even a trip to the ER. Kidney Infections, that are left untreated, can result in permeant Kidney damage.

• Fever
• Chills
• Back, side (flank) or groin pain
• Abdominal pain
• Frequent urination
• Strong, persistent urge to urinate
• Burning sensation or pain when urinating
• Nausea and vomiting
• Pus or blood in your urine (hematuria)
• Urine that smells bad or is cloudy